Bags whith cardboard bottom for litter boxes for cats

SAC’ARTONE bags are of white plastic with a thickness of 40μ.
They have a scrtch resistant cardboard bottom and a detachable tie to close the bag.
Product being sold in pocket with each 4 bags
The SAC’ARTONE bags are hygienic and allow you to maintain a clean and pleasant environment for you and your pet. Of very good quality, these bags are easy and quick to set up and remove from the tray. Cleaning becomes unnecessary and litter change easy. SAC’ARTONE will save you time to fully enjoy your cat.

Pack at the unit price of 3.10€, sold by 5 packs minimum.


Pocket of 4 bags for litter boxes with cardboard bottom

  • Detachable links
  • Square bottom suitable for llitter boxes 50 cm x 37,50 cm
  • Scratches resistant
  • Plastic thickness 40 μm (resistant)
  • Weight of a bag 0,3kg
  • Minimum purchase of 5 pockets of 4 bags each

Delivery price not included in the selling price.

Additional information

Weight 0,3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 50 × 38 cm


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