LIT’SAC big model


Pocket per 5 bags big size for little box with carboard bottom with Sliding links

Lit’sac big model bags belong to the most resistant litter bags on the market.
They are made of white plastic with a thickness of 35 μm with a cardboard bottom which is scratch resistant and with drawstrings for a rapid closure. Sold in pockets of 5 these litter bags are hygienic and allow you to keep your litter box clean. Easy to adjut and to take off the Lit’sac big model make the cleaning of the litter box superfluous and the change of litter bag quick. With this product of very high quality all restrictions due to a litter box disapear and you can take full advantage of your cat.

Pack at the unit price of 6.07 €, sold by 5 packs minimum


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Additional information

Weight 0,4 kg
Dimensions 15 × 38 × 50 cm


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